What's O4 chargers?

O4 Chargers - Commercial Mobile Charging solution for Airports, Hospitals, Events, Office, HoReCa etc.

A premium range of universal chargers for portable devices, designed for use in public places to keep your customers happy, charged and relaxed.

O4 Chargers will charge your patrons smartphone while they eat or enjoy your services.

Our Chargers are greatly suitable for Hospitals | Cafe | Restaurants | Hotels | Fast Food Industries |
Commercial Locations | University | Malls | Banks | Spa | Salon | Saloon | Gym | Airports | Lounge |
Tradeshows | Exhibition Center | Events | Outdoors | Book Shop | Public Library | Lobby Area |
Flower Shop | School | Service Industries | Waiting Areas | Office | Meeting Rooms etc

We are full of energy almost anywhere & everywhere...

What is O4 Chargers?

O4 Chargers is innovative charging solutions aimed at hospitality & service industry. We pride ourselves in offering state of the art products which help differentiate you from your competitors. Mixing good design with practicality, everyday problems are elegantly and efficiently solved.

Unlike kiosks, charging stations and other alternatives available in the market, O4 Chargers are PORTABLE. Whether your customers charge at the table, at the bar, or even when dining outdoor, O4 Chargers gives your customers the freedom to keep their smartphones with them at all times, allowing your staff the time to deliver and maintain a high standard of customer service.

Your Phone

O4 Chargers

Our idea is very simple. We are here to make your and your customer’s day little bit easier.

The philosophy of O4 Chargers is to simplify people’s lives by giving them peace of mind and ‘one less thing to worry about’. O4 Chargers offers your customers the opportunity to recharge their smartphones and stay connected whilst enjoying the services provided by you.

Be different and ahead in your customer experience. By creating an environment in which your customers can enjoy and where they can relax, you show you are in tune with their needs. This is something every business strives for and by showing you understand their smartphone charging needs, you show you care. Customers appreciate being thought of as more than just numbers and by offering O4 Chargers they will leave with a good and lasting impression. Additionally, along with the convenience of portable charger, you can add your flier/menu card on the trendy display of the charger to help boost sales and ongoing promotions.

O4 Chargers Benefits

O4 Chargers is an excellent way to ensure that your business stands out from the rest. What’s more, we can brand your O4 Chargers to give you that extra edge.O4 Chargers will help you improve customer service, boost sales and turn everyday customers into happy chappies. Repeat business is everyone’s goal and O4Chargers will help you achieve this. So elevate your guest experience, drive foot traffic and increase customer loyalty by providing your customers with simple and convenient access to power.

O4 Chargers is essential for your business, affordable, simple and easy to use.

So... why not add smartphone charging to your service/menu with O4 Chargers today!

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